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What Our Culture of Death Has Wrought

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?. As absolutely horrible as the ideas put forth in this article are to even contemplate (& as horrendous as it is that a peer-reviewed journal published it), having this article out could actually be a positive thing for those of us who value the sanctity of life. As John Knight of Desiring God points out, “[The authors] have, in fact, done a great service to the cause of the unborn by openly and clearly connecting the argument for infanticide with abortion.” And that’s just it, I think the average person would be appalled at the thought of infanticide, especially of otherwise “normal” babies. Most people, I suspect, would consider that to be murder (and rightfully so, I might add!). But, if someone considers abortion to be a  perfectly okay choice for whatever reason the mother wants (and many do think this way), then it is only logical that infanticide is also okay for whatever reason the parent(s) decide. The fact that this has been published in a well-respected peer-reviewed journal should, it seems, be an indication of the increasing acceptability of such ideas, at least at the academic level (which means it is only a matter of time before it is acceptable at the lay level).

So how do we combat this Culture of Death? We bring these horrors out into the light. Mr. Knight says:

Horrific ideas can’t live in the light of Jesus — and this is one idea we’ll have to keep killing until Jesus returns. Here’s one way to do it. Attach a real person to what infanticide does. Don’t allow it to be an abstract idea about an unnamed, unknown child with a specific set of circumstances — circumstances that are usually hard enough to make us recoil at the potential suffering. Make it children you know: Billy or Mariana or Chua or Narong or Desta or your own. Feel the horror in yourself at the thought of that child’s destruction, and then talk about it openly. [emphasis added]

Here’s what else he says that we should bear in mind:

You already know […] that this child, no matter his or her circumstances, is a gift from God for God’s glory and for the benefit of his church. If they come with complications because of disability or poverty in the family or any other reason, that child is a call to the church to demonstrate the love and grace and mercy and power of God in Christ. That child is a call to demonstrate Jesus is a greater treasure than your comfort. [emphasis added]

Let us not merely react & lash out in hate at those who espouse such vile ideas. Let us speak out, yes, but with love. Love for the unborn. Love for the newborn. And, yes, even love for our enemies for Christ has commanded it (Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:27 & 35) & we should desire to love as Christ has loved us. Keep in mind Romans 5:8 & remember that the fact that because we are sinners, we were enemies of God.

And let us demonstrate the love of God to others by showing love, grace, & mercy to those children & parents that we come into contact with whether they are “normal” or not, whether they have money or not, & whether demonstrating those things is an inconvenience or (especially) not.

Some other links regarding abortion:

Healing after an Abortion. Dr. David Powlison talks through how God feels about abortion & how to begin to heal from the guilt over an abortion.

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The Komen Fiasco’s Silver Lining. Much like the journal article I discussed at length above, this article points out the good that may come out of the Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle.

Personally Pro-Life and Pro-Freedom, Politically Pro-Choice and Pro-Slavery. A great quote from Lincoln regarding slavery that is very apt for the abortion debate.

Lessons for the Church on Planned Parenthood and Mammon Worship. We don’t need to fight Planned Parenthood on their terms: namely with money. “When it comes to the struggle for life, the color of victory isn’t pink like a ribbon. It’s red like a cross.”

When Being Pro-Life Isn’t Enough to Stop Abortion. How sad that the overwhelming majority of women who abort Down’s Syndrome babies believe that it was a child, not a fetus, that they aborted.

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