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So I haven’t had much time to post anything on here for a few weeks, but I’ve still been collecting links to things I find interesting, important, &/or edifying. So here’s a whole slew of things I’ve come across…

A little on the gay marriage debate to start with:

A thought on the homosexual marriage debate – Reformation21 Blog.–It is important to keep in mind Romans 1:18-32 when thinking about or discussing homosexual marriage. Let those verses influence your perspective on the subject.

Carl Trueman also has a little blurb on this subject–Around and About – Reformation21 Blog.

Along those same lines Alan Shlemon at Stand to Reason Blog asks  Is Homosexuality the Worst Sin of All?. He makes several good points, not the least of which is

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 places homosexuals among other sinners like thieves, drunks, swindlers, and fornicators. And 1 Timothy 1:8-11 lists them among liars, rebels, slave traders, and other sinners. There’s no special designation for any of these sins

Going Down? Dawkins, Doubters & Debauchery–The problem with holding staunchly to an atheist world-view is that eventually that world-view breaks down & you cannot defend your position.

The Name–We cannot make God’s name greater; it is already great.

God doesn’t need us to work like industrious little ants building his kingdom or shouting his name for dramatic effect. We do not get bonus points for trying to make his name great. God never command us to, or even wants us to try and make his name great. He wants us to live to the glory of how his name already is great.

Christian Humility and the World’s Definition of Humility | Canon Fodder.–Because a Christian’s knowledge is based on divine grace, he can be certain AND be humble at the same time. Justin Taylor had a quote from this post along with 2 others from John Frame & GK Chesterton (whose quotes are always worth a look)

The constitutional right to a plea bargain.–I wonder if the majority Justices even considered the far-reaching effects of their decision…

You Think You’re Free? (03/27/12) | Pastor Matt.–Shouldn’t a private business owner be able to turn away whatever clients she wants for whatever reason she wants? (Hint: the answer is yes)

Christ & Pop Culture has had a number of posts worth reading regarding Trayvon Martin. Here are 3; plus 1 from Desiring God:

Citizenship Confusion: The Trayvon Martin Gangsta Picture that the Media Doesn’t Want You to See? | Christ and Pop Culture.

The Minority Report: An Apology for the Other Trayvon Martin | Christ and Pop Culture.

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Christian Silence & the Need for Radical Grace | Christ and Pop Culture.

Trayvon Martin, Race, and the Gospel – Desiring God.

The Demands of Justice | Challies Dot Com.–I thought this post was rather timely to consider in light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

But I Don’t Hate Anyone – Kevin DeYoung. If hate is the opposite of love, then a description of hate would be the opposite of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Really it should be through verse 8a which says “Love never ends.” But hate will–Praise God!

For the sports fan:

Tebow in Babylon – NYTimes.com

Why is Tim Tebow such a fascinating and polarizing figure? Not just because he claims to be religious; that claim is commonplace among football stars and ordinary Americans alike. Rather, it’s because his conduct — kind, charitable, chaste, guileless — seems to actually vindicate his claim to be in possession of a life-altering truth. Nothing discredits religion quite like the gap that often yawns between what believers profess and how they live.

An MLB Opening Day Confession

One of the greatest features of baseball is the 162 game regular season. The uninitiated see the length of the season as a knock against baseball, but it is the very element that makes the game such a powerful metaphor for life. A sport where one loss ruins an entire season and perfection is an attainable goal is at odds with the managed failure of our actual lives. […] Managed failure in the pursuit, not of perfection, but greater consistency. Now that is something that resonates with my daily Christian life.

Barnabas’s Blog: Misunderstanding Christianity and Competition – A Response to David Brooks.

WORLDmag.com | An open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell | Barnabas Piper.–Mr. B. Piper makes some excellent points about the latest NFL controversy & the contradiction in Commissioner Goodell’s comments.

Theological Cool Kids | sojourns with Jesus.–Lord, please help me not to be a “theological cool kid.”

Moore to the Point – Should Christians Boycott Starbucks?.–Russell Moore on why a boycott may not be the best idea.

Pepsi’s use of aborted fetal cells.–Speaking of boycotts, I think I’m going to have to stop drinking Pepsi products after reading this. I just can’t support a business who considers the use of electively aborted fetal cells for taste research to be part of their “ordinary business operations.”

paradoxuganda: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.–

The perfection of this little creature shocked each one of us in the operating theatre. In a mere 10 weeks, God weaved together a tiny person with fingers, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Eating the Apple – Reformation21 Blog.–Carl Trueman pretty well nails it here: Apple is ripping us off, we know it, yet we still fall for it every time.

Some sevens for your edification:

7 Scripture Texts About Evangelism | Challies Dot Com.–I need to print this one off & post it somewhere where I’ll see it every day.

7 Motives in Our Work : What’s Best Next.–Another post that I would do well to consider every day before work.

7+1 Profitable Ways to Read the Bible « J.C. Ryle Quotes.–Okay, so I changed the title of this one to fit the “seven” theme, but I still think it is a profitable post.

The Simple Message | Challies Dot Com.–

We who love theology, we who take joy in diving into the deep waters of the person and work of God, we need to be so careful, lest we make the message more difficult than it needs to be, lest we forget the simple word that we believed in. What a shame it would be if our learning hindered our witness, if the depth of our knowledge negated the beautiful simplicity that lies at its heart. Christ died for our sins and was raised. That is the heart of our message, and it is good. It is enough. By God’s grace and with God’s power, it can and it will save.

“The God Who Sees Me”: Achu’s Hope – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries.–Miracles still occur even today.

Take Your Vitamin Z: Isn’t Porn Harmless?.–The short answer is, “No! Absolutely not!”

Strength through Weakness – Justin Taylor. Embrace your weakness!

Confessions in a Time of Instant Gratification – Reformation21 Blog.–

Simple statements of faith are attractive.  Often this attractiveness is ascribed to their catholicity, to the fact that they let as many people as possible in.  They might also be attractive for a less worthy reason: their simplicity might simply be a function of a culture where nothing that is hard or takes time is considered worthwhile.

The Problem With Going Green by David Owen – WSJ.com. Tim Challies has a great assessment of this article:

I appreciate what Owen has to say here and think that, even though he doesn’t name it for what it is, he is identifying the real problem behind our planet’s environmental issues: the sinful human heart.

More greed will not save us from the effects of our past and present greed. Only by believing in Jesus Christ and his Word, and having our contaminated minds cleansed and our polluted hearts restored by his blood, can we rightly acknowledge the true source of our planet’s problems and learn how to steward it better. And all the while we know that our hope is not ultimately in seeing the earth in its present form restored but in one day witnessing Christ replace it, new and unbreakable and unpolluted, for his people to enjoy forever.

Read his whole review here.

American Technopoly – Kevin DeYoung. As read through Neil Postman’s description of those who resist the American Technopoly, I thought, “These are some very common-sense observations that we would all do well to consider.”

That Word Above All Earthly Pow’rs: The Kingdom of the Cross Under the Sword of the Crescent – White Horse Inn Blog.–How should Christians respond wisely to growing anti-Christian violence overseas?

What Can You Do in 5 Minutes? – Justin Taylor.

Aaron Armstrong has a couple of interesting posts here. You should read both b/c the 2nd one clarifies the 1st:

Why I Quit Following (Most) Celebrity Pastors on Twitter and Maybe You Should, Too

The Problem with Labels and the Need for Clarity (and Charity)

Newsletter – redeemer.com. What does it mean to no longer be “under the Law”?

For Parents Who Have Failed – Justin Taylor.–A very encouraging quote from Give Them Grace.

Some practical advise on discerning a child’s conversion: How do you discern the conversion of a child? | Practical Shepherding.

And I still love this post on parenting from Kevin DeYoung: Parenting 001

Is God the Author of Sin? Jonathan Edwards’ Answer – Justin Taylor.–

God does not commit sin in willing that there be sin. God has established a world in which sin will indeed necessarily come to pass by God’s permission, but not by his “positive agency.”[…]sin is not the fruit of any positive agency or influence of the most High, but on the contrary, arises from the withholding of his action and energy, and under certain circumstances, necessarily follows on the want of his influence.

I Quit Being A Victoria’s Secret Model To Become A Proverbs 31 Wife.–This is old news at this point, but I’m so impressed by what this woman is doing.

Heresy and a Call for Humility | The Resurgence.–We are saved by the grace of Jesus, not our intellectual precision.

How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls – NYTimes.com.–This just disgusts me. (And here‘s a more recent article on this problem)

Make room for suffering | Joel J. Miller.–We have an extreme aversion to suffering in this country. May it not be! We should rejoice in our suffering & our bounty; we are to rejoice ALWAYS & be content in ALL things.

Craig A. Evans: The Archaeological Evidence For Jesus (PHOTOS).–Yes, there IS archaeological evidence for Jesus & what is recorded in the New Testament.

What if You Were a Missionary? .–This is not a hypothetical question if you are a Christian.

A second abortion mandate in Obamacare.–This just blows my mind! I just cannot fathom having this much disrespect for our Constitutional right to religious freedom. I think this rule may even be worse than the forced contraceptives coverage.

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