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Labor In the Little Things or Go Big For God

The other day, my friend & I were discussing (among other things) what the local church should be like & how it should exude the Gospel in all aspects of ministry both corporately & individually. He made a statement during our discussion to the effect of him tending to think big about this things with the implication (in my mind, anyway) that this could be, at least partially, a negative thing.

So on Wednesday evening I tweeted the following quote from DL Moody:

A good many are kept out of the service of Christ, deprived of the luxury of working for God because they are trying to do some great thing. Let us be willing to do little things. And let us remember that nothing is small in which God is the source.

Now, I must confess, I was thinking of my friend when I tweeted this, but when I came across this quote, I really liked it & would have probably tweeted it anyway.

Well, the next day my friend tweeted this quote from JD Greear (which I think he had mentioned to me during our conversation but I had forgotten):

The gospel fills us with audacious faith, making us expect great things of God and then attempt great things for God.

After reading that, I thought, “Wow! That’s a great quote; maybe Moody has it wrong.” But the more I consider these two ideas, the more I’m beginning to think they’re not mutually exclusive, and I wonder if they can’t be reconciled this way:

Be faithful in the little things, but expect God to do great things.

Or maybe:

Don’t attempt great things for God unless you are willing to do the little things.

I’m not sure that either of my ideas are correct, but I’m relatively convinced that both Moody & Greear are correct.

What do you think? I’d love to hear others’ ideas.

Why Requiring Employers (Insurers) to Cover Contraceptives is Wrong

Nearly 3 weeks ago, I published a post in response to the President’s decision that religious-affiliated employers will be required to cover birth-control pills including abortifacents. I asked (in essence), “how should Christians respond when the government goes too far?” And specifically, I asked, “How do you oppose the President & his policy & still adhere to Romans 13:1-7, Titus 3:1, & 1 Peter 2:13-17?” Well, I got no response, and I’m really no closer to knowing exactly what the right response should be (or even if there is one right response), but here are some links on why this issue is so important (even if you’re not opposed to birth-control), what some Christian leaders are advocating in response, & a couple of other links on abortion & Planned Parenthood.

The FAQs: The Contraceptive-Abortifacient Mandate – The Gospel Coalition Blog. Here is why this controversy is so important: “If the mandate is allowed to stand it will set a precedent that the government can not only force citizens to violate their most deeply held beliefs but that we can be sanctioned for refusing to do so.”

“Please get the federal government out of our consciences”. From the testimony of the President of the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church before the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform

Christian Civil Disobedience against the U. S. Government? – Justin Taylor. Here is what Rick Warren, Chuck Colson, & Timothy George have to say.

On my mind and heart… « A Work in Progress. A passionate plea for Christians not to try to justify (even in part) the supposed good things that Planned Parenthood does.

More bullying from Planned Parenthood. Just one more reason I have no respect whatsoever for Planned Parenthood.

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