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Lots & Lots & Lots O’ Links

So I haven’t had much time to post anything on here for a few weeks, but I’ve still been collecting links to things I find interesting, important, &/or edifying. So here’s a whole slew of things I’ve come across…

A little on the gay marriage debate to start with:

A thought on the homosexual marriage debate – Reformation21 Blog.–It is important to keep in mind Romans 1:18-32 when thinking about or discussing homosexual marriage. Let those verses influence your perspective on the subject.

Carl Trueman also has a little blurb on this subject–Around and About – Reformation21 Blog.

Along those same lines Alan Shlemon at Stand to Reason Blog asks  Is Homosexuality the Worst Sin of All?. He makes several good points, not the least of which is

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 places homosexuals among other sinners like thieves, drunks, swindlers, and fornicators. And 1 Timothy 1:8-11 lists them among liars, rebels, slave traders, and other sinners. There’s no special designation for any of these sins

Going Down? Dawkins, Doubters & Debauchery–The problem with holding staunchly to an atheist world-view is that eventually that world-view breaks down & you cannot defend your position.

The Name–We cannot make God’s name greater; it is already great.

Read more…

$ Freedom, Community, Word & Picture Power, Human Trafficking, Vocation

Ed Stetzer – Road to Financial Freedom Sermon Series– Free Resource for Churches. This looks like it could be a helpful resource. They are giving away one sermon & curriculum kit per church to any church that requests them.

It’s Just Another Day « It’s Just Me. Mr. Lee sees in his local coffee shop what community should (but often doesn’t) look like in the church.

Learning from Christopher Hitchens: Lessons Evangelicals Must Not Miss. “[…]the death of Christopher Hitchens is an absolute tragedy. And, as is often the case with such a tragedy, we dare not miss the lessons with which we are left.” This post speaks to the power of words.

Visual Theology – The Order of Salvation | Challies Dot Com. Pretty neat infographic from Challies showing the order of salvation (The infographic explains this, but keep in mind that this is a logical not chronological sequence-some of these steps occur simultaneously). And this one to the power of pictures (with words)

What Is Human Trafficking? | The Resurgence. Yesterday was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Read this. Understand it. And see what you can do about it.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Millions Held in Forced Labor, US Says. Another good article on human trafficking. “Slavery is more affordable, more widespread and more entrenched in 2011 than it was in ancient Rome or the antebellum South of America.”

The Intrinsic Value of What You Do (Yes, You!) | Challies Dot Com. “[…]the foundation of the moral significance of our work is not what our work is, but whether or not we are doing it in faith and to God’s glory (Ephesians 6:5-9).”

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